INDI or Innovative Disruption

INDI is an exclusive team created within Sanskrithi Group of Institutions to continuously improve and evolve the institutional ecosystem aligned with the Vision and Mission of the Group.

INDI Team Members

Mr. Vijay Beedupalli, Chairman
Sanskrithi Group of Institutions

Dr. P. Narayana Reddy, Group Director
Sanskrithi Group of Institutions

Mr. P. Srikanth, Director
Placements & Industrial Realations

Mr. T. N. AnilKumar
Pro & Assistant Professor

Ms. A. Vijayasri
HR & Assistant Professor.


To provide for the best solutions to enable excellence in Institution practices and programs. The relevance is both for the engineering and MBA verticals of technical education.


To continuously work on improvements required in academics and non-academics for over all development of students and faculty members.


The team will continuously work to
● To build a structural mechanism with properly defined Key Responsibility Areas from time to time – e.g Faculty Development, Student up-gradation and learning, Institutional processes – academics and non-academics, Placements and Industry Interface.
● To assess the developments in the competition and recommend the required changes.
● To introduce innovative programs in collaboration with the like-minded organizations for developing student learning skills and confidence.
● To assess and introduce select certification courses to be given to students.
● To create a culture for research and publications from the faculties.
● To integrate the INDI with the Academic Council of the Institute with both Engineering and Management courses.

Modus Operandi

● To create specific segments of learning in Banking, Inclusive Banking, Rural Economy and Development, Agri Based Business Opportunities, Entrepreneurship, BPO/KPO industry.
● Specific skill development in Marketing and HR.
● To expose students with the latest developments in business and economy in the specific sectors through expert interface and interactions.
● To bring in new skill / knowledge developments through mini projects guided by experienced academic faculties.
● Expose students through industrial visits.
● To expose students to international languages – prepare for global representation. Support languages like French, Spanish, German.
● To equip and train students for International competitive examinations like TOEFL, GRE, GMAT.
● To guide students to take up specialty courses in data analytics, process engineering, financial engineering, international marketing and brand management, HR strategy and Business Partnership, Investment and Portfolio Management.
● To invite teams from international institutions to enable differentiated learning for students.
● To invite international experts for imparting new teaching techniques followed internationally.
● Organised inter college student interface both within the campus and with other recognized national institutions.
● To encourage inter disciplinary learning through inter departmental interaction of engineering and management.