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India today stands as world’s third largest economic power and Indians figuring increasingly in the list of the richest persons in the world, India’s knowledge power making India as a preferred destination for out sourcing knowledge services from India, At Sanskrithi School of Business (SSB) we continually face challenges and how we view them defines us. Do we choose to see the challenges as stepping stones or as obstacles? If we choose to see them as obstacles, then the challenges we face will be viewed as problems- problems that need to be overcome along with all the negative connotations associated with the problems. At Sanskrithi School of Business (SSB) we choose to see challenges as stepping stones-opportunities that we have encountered to develop further and ultimately actualize our vision and mission.

Prof.P.Kameswara Rao

Our shared vision is to be leading management institution in this region of India that contributes to the development of business and society through excellence in grooming leadership, entrepreneurial talent with ethics.To improve the student employability, our Placement Cell brings job opportunities to the doors of students as per their aptitude and skills. The college has also developed linkages by signing Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with other industries and educational organizations to expand the horizon of experience of students as well as faculty. We at SSB update our Infrastructural and Methodological facilities are regularly on par with globalized educational standards and experience above said influence positively and fruitfully.
I’m confident that you as a student at SSB encouraged to develop the sense of discipline, respect for ancient culture and values coupled with respect to teachers with the spirit of nationalism is utmost important to prove yourself as a good citizen of India.

With best wishes,

P.Kameswara Rao, Principal.